ESET antivirus for Ucloud protection

The partnership between UCloud and ESET lies in the implementation of anti-virus protection solutions for virtual desktops, file and mail servers, web-gateways.

Reliable protection

ESET is a leader in the field of anti-virus software development and provides quality and effective solutions for home and corporate users.

The ESET product line includes a wide range of solutions, and due to its unique technology, products for corporate users regularly receive recognition and awards from global experts and are able to provide reliable protection against various types of threats.

Product line

  • Workstation protection - ESET Endpoint Security. Uses a layered approach with many technologies to balance high performance, detection accuracy and avoid false positives.
  • File server protection - ESET Server Security. Provides advanced protection for your company's data on all shared servers, shared file storage, including OneDrive and multi-purpose servers.
  • Email server protection - ESET Mail Security. An additional layer of protection for organizations, preventing threats from infecting and providing multi-layered security for the host itself.
  • Security Management - The ESET PROTECT console. Provides a real-time overview of workstations, as well as reporting and full security management for all operating systems.
  • Protect sensitive data - ESET Full Disk Encryption. Effective encryption managed through the remote console. The solution enhances your organization's data security to meet sensitive data protection requirements.
  • Cloud sandbox analysis - ESET Dynamic Threat Defense. Provides another layer of security, complementing ESET Mail Security and ESET Endpoint Security with cloud-based sandbox technology to detect new, previously unknown types of threats.
  • Cloud protection - ESET Cloud Office Security. Provides advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications against malware, spam and phishing attacks with zero-day threat detection and an easy-to-use cloud management console.
  • Hidden Threats Detection and Tracking - ESET Enterprise Inspector. ESET's threat detection and tracking tool provides continuous real-time monitoring of workstation activity, in-depth analysis of suspicious processes, and immediate response to incidents. Functioning in conjunction with workstation protection products.

The benefits of ESET for data protection

For users

Ideal for active users who shop, work and communicate online. Protects Windows, Mac and Android devices.

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For business

Provide powerful device protection, from a few PCs to your entire network, with solutions tailored to your business needs.

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SET values user loyalty and offers a 40% discount on license upgrades. Upgrade in a few clicks! You can also use your license key to download or reinstall ESET software.

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The combination of UCloud and Eset technologies ensures stable operation of the company's IT infrastructure, as well as comprehensive protection against viruses and attacks. This synergy opens up new opportunities for growth and secure expansion of cloud infrastructures.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.