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Colocation is placement of our own server equipment in the largest data park in the country with access to the Internet.



Supply of guaranteed and "clean" electricity to your server equipment using two independent cable networks.


Ensuring a stable level of temperature and air humidity regardless of weather conditions and time of the year during the entire period of operation of your equipment.


Providing early detection of fire, in case of its occurrence, and safe extinguishing of a fire with an inert gas.


Providing physical security and protection, as well as coordinating the system of access of the customer's personnel to the equipment installed in our data center.

Individual approach

Possibility to install own additional equipment, for example UPS, connection to IP-KVM, “distant hands” service and others.


Stable communication channels provide stable access to their own information and at the same time complete security of data transmission channels.


Build hybrid cloud and physical infrastructure solutions to maximize business opportunities.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.