SysElegance Terminal Suite virtual desktops and cloud-based remote desktops

A workplace that is always available to you anywhere in the world from any of your devices. A new degree of freedom, growth, speed and scalability for your business!

SysElegance Terminal Suite - Windows Cloud Remote Desktop

Virtual desktops and cloud-based remote desktops solve quite mundane tasks for real people.

With SysElegance Application Server in the cloud, you will never be physically

tied to the workplace. Moreover, it will always be available to you from anywhere in the world from any of your devices!

The basis of virtual desktops is the SysElegance Application Server

A software product that adds a centralized simultaneous execution of user applications to a computer running Microsoft Windows (the so-called terminal server functionality).

SysElegance Application Server for Microsoft Windows provides:

  • environment for simultaneous execution of applications of several users on server;
  • transport for transferring user actions (for example, pressing keyboard keys, mouse movement, etc.) from the user's device to the server;
  • transport for transferring the image (screen) from the server back to user’s device;
  • transport for printers, custom peripherals, etc.

Benefits of SysElegance Terminal Suite virtual desktops

For users

SysElegance virtual workplaces look and feel exactly like the workplaces that users have been accustomed to for years.

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For managers

The use of SysElegance virtual workplaces allows the manager to always be aware of what is happening, from anywhere in the world.

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For accountants

Using virtual workplaces SysElegance is an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, pay bills, generate reports and financial results of the company.

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For business development

Using virtual workplaces SysElegance will help you and your company optimize business processes within the company, centralize the processing, maintenance and storage of data

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For system administrators

SysElegance products provide flexibility, full interoperability and seamless integration into any infrastructure.

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For software developers and integrators

SysElegance products will help software developers and integrators: create their own cloud service, implement a software development model as a service (SaaS), create a service for remote development and refinement of your software

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