DRaaS - Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS - Disaster Recovery is essential to protect your company's data from disruptions and create a resilient IT system.

How IT infrastructure disaster recovery works

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery is a disaster recovery service. It uses cloud and on-premises resources to back up critical information, applications and provide system resiliency. Thanks to this, even after a technical failure, the company's business services continue to work as usual.

Secondary infrastructure can be implemented in the event of an IT system failure: it provides a backup production environment, while the original environment is reverted to its original state through a disaster recovery plan (DRP). DRaaS is also useful when moving services back to the original server: it immediately resumes replication to protect against future failures.


Reduced disaster recovery costs

Using DRaaS allows you to avoid the costs associated with renting premises and servers, purchasing additional equipment and maintaining an auxiliary data center system.

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Support for various cloud platforms

The ability to use multiple cloud services and platforms at the same time to eliminate the risk of a long interruption in business processes.

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Flexible licensing

Disaster recovery using company-specific licenses.

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Real-time replication

Online replication eliminates the risk of losing critical data due to system failures and malfunctions.

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Comprehensive disaster recovery solution

DRaaS is simpler and more cost effective than standalone disaster recovery.

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A DRaaS solution can scale as your business grows: a small business with multiple servers, or a corporation that needs to expand to thousands of physical and virtual machines.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service from UCloud

Roughly 50% of IT failures are software or network failures. Taking timely action will greatly minimize the damage and financial costs that can arise from such problems.

UCloud offers DRaaS - Disaster Recovery for disaster recovery data to protect your business IT infrastructure, ensuring its flexibility and scalability.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.