Azure Express Route

Azure Express Route is an efficient way to make data transfers between the Azure cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure faster and more secure. The service will be the optimal solution for companies that need to move large amounts of data very quickly during replication, backup or disaster recovery.

Features of Express Route

Express Route can be useful when analyzing big data or other high performance computing jobs. Increased throughput and minimal latency accelerate workload migration - moving new virtual machines between the Azure cloud and on-premises datacenter, or vice versa. The service will also improve performance for hybrid workloads that span the on-premises datacenter and public cloud.


Security and privacy

Azure Virtual Network is private over MPLS, providing a highly reliable virtual environment with IP addressing support and traffic shaping settings.

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Network scaling

Customers connected to the Microsoft Azure cloud via Express Route can securely expand compute and storage capacity, and expand their network without geo-referencing.

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Additional features

ExpressRoute opens the Azure product line, including replication and data migration applications and services, load balancing, firewall security and more, and if needed, Azure can also integrate with existing hardware such as on-premises SQL Server.

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Express Route is the ability to take advantage of the privacy, security, and performance benefits of a virtual private cloud while maintaining the economic benefits of a public cloud.

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