Cloud data center

A cloud data center is a secure and scalable IT infrastructure that provides fast startup, processing and storage of company resources in a single center. With cloud scalability, a company can expand virtual computing power without the need to purchase additional hardware.

What does a virtual data center server cluster user get?

A cloud data center (DPC) will be the optimal solution for customers who need a secure IT environment adapted to their needs. With the expertise of engineers and IT architects, UCloud develops solutions that are cost-optimized and efficient for specific business conditions.

A virtual data center (DPC) is created using IT virtualization tools from Microsoft and VMware, so that the client receives a personal infrastructure with all the necessary parameters.

The advantage of this choice is the ability to manage virtual data center resources from anywhere in the world independently.

Advantages of cloud hosting in Ukraine from UCloud


The ability to scale resources and change the system configuration

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Using SAN storage and virtual data backup

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Application of CPU, RAM and Storage configurations, All Flash disk arrays

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The user pays only for the resources used

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Fault tolerance

Continuous access to information and protection against failures by distributing data across multiple virtual storages and daily backup.

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UCloud infrastructure allows you to create both simple and complex cluster architectures that can withstand high loads, which allows the client to develop and scale their cloud solutions and systems in any direction.

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Cloud data center provides reliable data storage thanks to daily data backup and storage of each copy for 7 days, as well as backing up stored data and switching between disk pools in a matter of seconds if one of the disks fails. Cloud infrastructure UCloud allows you to select and implement solutions of any complexity, taking into account the needs of the client's business.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.