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UCloud managed backup service

Managed backup service is designed to help companies that want to implement IT infrastructure backup, but are postponed due to lack of time and specialists. UCloud offers a service of setting up and maintaining data backup on a turnkey basis.


Fast start

Setting up and administering the reservation system by the UCloud team is quick and easy. There is no need to search and train specialists, as well as to allocate time for the implementation of solutions.


The preservation and availability of backups is financially guaranteed and secured by an agreement.


You do not need to hire a staff of specialists to debug and maintain the backup system. We will do everything for you.


Having backups in the cloud will make it easier for you to grow in the UCloud ecosystem and concentrate on developing your business.


UCloud cloud backup is based on the "3-2-1" rule, which reduces the chances of data loss to 0.


Technical support for cloud engineers works 24/7 all year round, not stopping for the holidays and New Year's Eve.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.