UCloud hosted VMs

Reserves the entire infrastructure! UCloud solution has been created to realize the gold standard of data backup "3-2-1" at an attractive price. Try it today!

UCloud hosted VMs service

UCloud hosted VMs service
with the support of Veeam is a solution for the protection of failures in backing up and storing copies of data.

Through a partnership with Veeam, UCloud offers its customers the ability to create and save backups reliably.



Veeam products are easily integrated into infrastructure, and a clear and simple interface makes it easy to work

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Only 20% of the cloud infrastructure budget will provide storage of 3 copies of the infrastructure in 2 different data centers in different countries.

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The statistical probability of data loss reaches 1/1000000, which tends to 0.

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Fault tolerance

Replicas of data are stored in a single ecosystem of the UCloud cloud, which simplifies the deployment of backups when needed

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UCloud assumes financial responsibility for maintaining backups of data, and also facilitates routine checks of the health of backups.

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The technical support of cloud engineers will always help you with creating and placing backups to storage, as well as when deploying data from a backup.

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UCloud hosted VMs protected with Veeam provides 3-2-1 backup storage. With 4 geo-separated sites in 3 countries (Ukraine, Warsaw Atman-1 and Atman-2, Germany), UCloud clients can easily place data and backups in different data centers in different countries to reduce the likelihood of accidents to 0.

We understand how important it is to minimize business downtime, so we offer an additional backup delivery service “Fast as Flash!”. We will deliver backups to you from our site in Warsaw in just 12 hours.

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UCloud is a silver partner of Microsoft, and also cooperates with Ukrainian (VOLZ) and European (Fiberax) companies to organize data transmission channels.